Weekly Server Maintenance
Scheduled 30 minute Maintenance on 13/03/18 at 4pm (16:00) server time. All bosses will be up after ...
Scheduled Server Maintenance
Dear Shaiyans, We will be performing a Scheduled 30 minute maintenance tonight (12am midnight Server Time) Bosses ...
Server Maintenance 02/21/18
Hello, We will be performing a Scheduled Server Maintenance on 02/21/18 at 17pm Server Time. Server will be ...


Weekly Event Bundle!
Get your Canta toons ready! Because this weekend will be about Canta Madnessssss!     21.03 / 18:00h ...
Weekly Event Bundle!
09/03 16:00 Server Time - Relic Battle! (PvP) Bless will get reseted by a GM, the first faction with control over all ...
Jungle MM and PvP Event 14:00 Server Time
Dear Shaiyans, It has been and eventful weekend. This one is going to be by far the biggest event this week. The ...

Patch Notes

Patch #6 13/03/18
13 Mar 2018
Patch #6 - Dios Exiel added to PvP Gatekeeper for Event purposes - Dieing in Kimu Room will spawn you in D2 Floor ...
Patch 03/10/18
10 Mar 2018
Patch #5.5 - Wis/Heal Ratio adjusted to original ep4.5 episode - Healing will be reverted back to its original ...
Patch 03/06/18
06 Mar 2018
Patch #5 - Kimuraku, Seraphim and Chimera now drop 100 SP coin  - Elementals are now more valuable - drop ...

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